Glossary of Deaf Acronyms

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AAAD: American Athletic Association of the Deaf (USA) 

AAD: Australia Association of the Deaf 

AAD: Alberta Association of the Deaf (Canada) 

ACSD: Alberta Cultural Society of the Deaf (Canada) 

ADA: American Disabilities Act 

ADARA: American Deaf Advocacy and Rehabilitation Association 

ADSA: Alberta Deaf Sports Association (Canada) 

ADVBA: American Deaf Volleyball Association 

AGBAD: Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf (USA) 

ALDA: Association of Late-Deafened Adults (USA) 

ASDC: American Society of Deaf Children 

ASL: American Sign Language 

ASLDA: American Sign Language Teachers Association 

AUSLAN: AUstralian Sign LANguage 

BDA: British Deaf Association (UK) 

BIBI: Bilingualism & Biculturalism 

BRS: Bell Relay Service 

BSL: British Sign Language 

CAD: Canadian Association of the Deaf 

CAD: Calgary Association of the Deaf (Canada) 

CC: Closed-Captioned 

CCSD: Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf 

CDSA: Canadian Deaf Sports Association 

CFLS: Centre Francophone du Langage des Sourds (Belgium) 

CISS: Comite International des Sports Sourds 

CODA: Children of Deaf Adults 

COED: Commission on Education for the Deaf (USA) 

DBA: Deaf Basketball Association (USA) 

DCSBC: Deaf Children's Society of British Columbia (Canada) 

DOD: Deaf (child) of Deaf (parents) 

DWW: Deaf World Web (Internet) 

EAD: Edmonton Association of the Deaf (Canada) 

ECD: Episcopal Conference of the Deaf (USA) 

FEVLADO: Federatie van Vlaamse Dovenvereninginge 

FFSB: Federation Francophone des Sourds de Belgique 

FOLDA: Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action (USA) 

FRAT: Fraternal Society of the Deaf (USA) 

GUAA: Gallaudet University Alumni Association 

GVAD: Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf (Canada) 

HoH: Hard-of-Hearing 

IVT: International Visual Theatre (France) 

LSQ: Langue des Signes Qu├ębecois (Canada) 

NAD: National Association of the Deaf (USA) 

NAOBI: National Alliance of Black Interpreters, Inc. (USA) 

NBDA: National Black Deaf Advocates (USA) 

NCI: National Captioning Institute for the Deaf (USA) 

NTD: National Theatre of the Deaf (USA) 

NTID: National Technical Institute for the Deaf (USA) 

OAD: Ontario Association of the Deaf (Canada) 

OCSD: Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf (Canada) 

PSE: Pidgin Sign English (North America) 

RID: Registry of Interpreter of the Deaf (USA) 

SEE: Signing Exact English (North America) 

SHHH: Self-Help for Hard of Hearing 

SK: Send Kill; also Stop Keying (on TTY) 

SL: Sign Language 

SSE: Signed Support English (British) 

TC: Total Communication 

TDD: Telephone Device for the Deaf 

TDI: Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. (USA) 

TRS: Telephone Relay Service 

TT: Text Telephone 

TTY: Teletypewriter 

WFD: World Federation of the Deaf 

WFDYS: World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section 

WGD: World Games for the Deaf 

WWGD: World Winter Games for the Deaf

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